On the Road to Mass Market Electric Vehicles

by Arturo Herrera on August 21, 2018

What Sustainability Professionals Need to Know About EVs. Especially consultants, educators and government decision makers.
Julian Bentley is a professor in George Washington University’s Environmental & Energy Management Institute and has been an energy consultant to federal agencies, utilities and industry for over 20 years. Since 2007, Julian has supported the Federal Fleet Program, assisting Federal agencies in developing and implementing comprehensive strategies to improve fleet efficiency, maximize alternative fuel use, improve fleet fuel management, reduce petroleum consumption, and meet regulatory requirements. He is a leading authority on electric vehicles, including their deployment and related charging infrastructure for fleets.
We are considering turning Julian Bentley”s George Washington Univesity two-day EV professional development course into an online self-study course with live interactive webinars. In this 60 minute session, Julian will review key elements of EVs from his course including:
  • Why Electric Vehicles?
  • Overview of Electric Vehicles
  • Overview of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • The Electric Vehicle Market
  • Drivers of EV Market Growth
  • Electric Vehicle Challenges

Download the slides here.


On the Road to Mass Market Electric Vehicles from Security & Sustainability Forum on Vimeo.

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