The Business of Risk: Climate and Resilience

by Arturo Herrera on December 16, 2016

11c51c03-7925-4a40-9668-5f5629a0e04cClimate change poses serious and novel risks to businesses of all types and sizes – from supply and chain disruptions, to changes in national and international regulation, to shifting expectations of employees and customers. This webinar explored the implications of climate risk for business. Experts from among the companies most advanced in resilience thinking shared their views of how climate risk has changed their firms’ products, services, and ways of doing business-and how to weigh the costs of acting on climate against the risks of not preparing.

The Business of Risk;Climate and Resilience from Security & Sustainability Forum on Vimeo.

Download the slides here

Moderator Ann Goodman is the author of Adapting to Change: The Business of Climate Resilience, explored emerging business approDr. Ann Goodmanaches to climate resilience. Dr. Goodman is a Faculty Affiliate at CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)’s, Environmental Sciences Initiative. She has 25 years of international experience in the intersecting fields of business, sustainability, climate, risk assessment, strategic resilience planning- as an executive, entrepreneur, communicator and educator.


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