Rise 2019 Conference – The Role of Universities in Local Community Resilience

by Arturo Herrera on September 30, 2019

Rise 2019 Conference – The Role of Universities in Local Community Resilience
November 18-20, 2019  New York State University at Albany  Albany, New York
Rise 2019 will deliver three-days of technical workshops to explore how institutions of higher learning can collaborate to strengthen local preparedness, response and recovery efforts in the face of threats posed by a changing climate and extreme weather.
Using Hurricane Maria’s Puerto Rico as a case study, RISE sessions are designed to identify a set of actionable outcomes for institutions of higher education to establish a collaboration platform to help improve the well-being of communities vulnerable to climate change and extreme weather – arguably the most serious challenge our global society is facing today.
National Council for Science and the Environment NCSE is spearheading RISE in partnership with a growing number of universities. The RISE 2019 Conference will explore new strategies and approaches that bring the power of higher education to disaster mitigation.
I invite you to join your colleagues in seeking roles you can play in this important new university-driven initiative. Partial list of conference participants.

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