Meet Rudy the AI-Enabled Companion for the Elder Community

by Arturo Herrera on June 3, 2019

Going Green Without Going Into the Red
An SSF Series – RUDY, the solution to ageing in place for seniors

As part of the Security and Sustainability Forum’s Going Green Without Going into the Red webinar series we highlight new and emerging technologies.

Join us in a one hour feature of INF Robotics and its home companion AI-enabled robot, Rudy. The Fairfax Virginia firm’s mission is developing easy to use, affordable and safe technology that allows older adults to continue living in their homes. Rudy is the product of that dedication. Rudy helps older adults stay active, engaged and connected to their care community. Watch the clip to get a better idea of Rudy’s value to seniors living at home and wanting to stay there as long as possible.

The SSF connection is INF’S application of advanced technology to home security as well as a reduced carbon footprint to serve the elderly in their homes. INF has tested Rudy with nearly 90 home care patients and is seeking bridge financing to fill a funding gap before a major investment later in the year.
Meet the CEO

June 20, 2019 – 1:15 PM to 2:15 PM ET

Anthony Nunez
Anthony is the CEO of INF Robotics and an expert in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and IoT enabled mobile systems. He has led DARPA Robotics and Future Combat Systems projects, gaining extensive experience in technical complex systems from prototyping to production and unmanned systems in dynamic environments.

He holds multiple patents in robotics, is a published author in robotics and is a speaker nationally at home healthcare and robotics conferences.
Anthony will provide details about INF’s business plan, financial needs and the technology powering Rudy. He will be joined by an official from one of INF’s home healthcare company clients and the webinar will include an interview with one of Rudy’s home bound friends.

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