Impact Investing Summit

by Arturo Herrera on March 20, 2018

Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns
MAY 3, 2018    WASHINGTON, D.C. 
Use code REG400 for $400 off the registration fee
 Impact investing definition: Investments made into organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.
  • The Impact Investing Summit convenes thought leaders and practice experts, including allocators, academics and investors, all of whom are helping to shape the emergence of investors seeking transformational change through the strategic deployment of capital .
  • Engage with heads of foundations, institutional investors, fund managers and market analysts on the latest trends in impact investing.
  • Discover how investors are changing their investment strategy to include sustainable allocations while still maximizing returns.
  • Apply next-generation ideas and tools to find innovative investments that bridge the gap between purpose and profit.
Join the deliberation on best practices in impact investing, and how they generate measurable social, environmental and economic results by bridging the gap between purpose and profit.
Topics include
  • Impacting Investing: State of Play in the Rapidly Unfolding Investment Strategy
  • Active Stewardship: A Look at Public Equities and the Integral Nature of Impact Investing
  • Technology and Impact: Blockchain as an Amplifier for Impact Outcomes
  • Healthcare: Technology as the Delivery Mechanism for Care
  • Innovations in Private Equity: A Modified Platform for Generating Impact Returns
  • Public-Private Partnerships: A Model for System Change
  • Smarter Cities: Planning for an Aging Demographic
  • Investment in Affordable Housing: Impact Against the Wealth Gap
  • Investing in Agribusiness: Impact on the Food System and Our Diet
  • Education: The Next Wave in Economic Growth and Its Impact (Ed Saltzberg is on this panel.)
  • Financial Inclusion: How it will Drive a Profitable, Abundant World
Some of the Participants
Jenny Abramson
Founder & Managing Partner
Rethink Impact
Washington, D.C.
Sally Boulter
Senior Officer, Client Experience & Strategic Development
Baltimore, MD
Melissa Bradley
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Sidecar Social Finance
Washington, D.C.
Jolyne Caruso
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
The Alberleen Group
New York, NY
Katie Collins
ESG & Global Strategy Analyst
Cartica Management
Washington, DC
Elizabeth Lowery
Senior Director
TPG Capital
San Francisco, CA
Eric Goldstein
Chief Compliance Officer
Insight Venture Partners
New York, NY
Thomas Hofer
Business Development Officer
MicroVest Capital Management
Washington, DC
Jason Ingle
Co-Founder and General Partner
Closed Loop Capital
Philadelphia, PA
Josh Strauss
Portfolio Manager
Appleseed Capital
Chicago, IL
Brian Kateman
The Reducetarian Foundation
New York, NY
Charlotte Laurent-Ottomane
Executive Director
Thirty Percent Coalition
Boca Raton, FL

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