Disasters and Environment: Science, Preparedness, and Resilience

by Kristina Byrne on November 29, 2012

January 15-17, 2013, Washington, D.C.
Disasters and the Environment
Join over 1,200 leaders at the National Council on Science and the Environment’s 13th annual conference on Disasters and the Environment and be among thought leaders and decision makers from government, industry and academia/nonprofits to address this timely issue.

Disasters and the Environment will examine and seek pathways forward for cascading disasters, the intersection of the built and natural environments, disasters as mechanisms of ecosystem change, rethinking recovery and expanding the vision of mitigation, human behavior and its consequences and “No Regrets” resilience.

SSF’s Managing Director, Ed Saltzberg, interviewed several of the primary conference speakers:

    • David Kaufman, FEMA’s Director of Policy and Program Analysis addresses FEMA’s coordination role in disaster response and planning for resilient communities.
    • Joseph Ruiz, Humanitarian Relief Program Manager and Corporate Grant Manager, The UPS Foundation, explains how the global network of nongovernmental organizations respond to disasters.
    • Dennis Wenger, National Science Foundation, discuses research programs on disaster management and response.

Find more about the conference and additional panel interviews on the NCSE conference website.  Attend the 2013 NCSE annual conference to share your experience, and work across traditional boundaries to develop strategies and launch new partnerships and initiatives to improve the forecasting, preparedness, responsiveness, and resilience of communities to environmental disasters of all types.

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