What We Do

The Security and Sustainability Forum is a public interest, membership organization that hosts free educational webinars.  Sessions feature panels of global experts addressing human health and welfare impacts caused by climate change, other environmental disruptions, and institutional shortfalls.

In our 90 minute forums, experts explain the issues and discuss emerging research, and innovative technology and policy solutions.  Through theory and case studies, the webinars outline how sustainable approaches are working to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate in a rapidly urbanizing world.

securing our future

Panel members tackle difficult questions that often lead to new ideas for solutions, and new applications for existing approaches to security and sustainability.  Our programs seek to not only educate our audience about sustainability and how it fits into their areas of interest and work, but also spark new ideas about resilient approaches and solutions.

  • Live Forums are free and open to the public:  Check out what’s coming up next on the Events page.
  • Membership is free:  Register for access to our archive of recorded webinars, a resource library, business opportunities marketplace, discounts to affiliate products and services,  and networking with other members.

Our archive includes the following webinar series:

  • National Climate Assessment
  • Professional Sustainability Certification
  • Urbanization in a Growing World
  • Run up to Rio +20
  • Adaptations to Protect Security in a Changing Climate
  • Water Management
  • Industry and Sustainability